Yuma County Residents have the privilege of being able to open burn organic materials.  In order to manage the Open Burn Program, a Burn Permit is required for all open burning except warming fires, cooking fires, fire for the branding of animals and fires for training Firefighters.  Rural Metro Fire issues burn permits in the unincorporated areas of Yuma County; all other areas are handled by other local fire departments. 

The Burn Permit Program is a structured program that allows Yuma County residents to burn on approved burn days.  Some open burns require a site inspection prior to issuing the burn permit to ensure fire safety.  If you would like to obtain a Burn Permit please complete the application and return to Rural Metro Fire Department at 2029 S Arizona Ave.  Yuma, AZ  85364 or email to
[email protected].  The Fire Marshal will determine if a site inspection is required to ensure fire safety.  Once the site inspection is completed the application will be either approved or denied.  Once the application has been approved there is a fee for the permit.


Guidelines will be presented with the Burn Permit to the applicant.  The applicant should review the guidelines as they advise of burn hours and specific responsibilities the applicant must follow as a Burn Permit holder.