fire-pix-159Rural Metro Fire Department is a private company providing high-quality, cost-effective fire service. Rural Metro Fire Department is not funded by tax dollars. We are a subscription based fire department supported through annual fees by a yearly membership.

You can contract with the Rural Metro Fire Department directly. The annual fees are based on the total square footage or assessed value of the property to be protected.

Additionally, you may be eligible for discounted rates on your homeowners insurance when you establish service with us. We offer many services to our customers in addition to fire service coverage, please contact the local Customer Service Department in your area for more information.

Non-members are billed for fire service. Homeowner's insurance might only cover a fraction of the bill, leaving the property owner responsible for the difference. With your annual subscription you will avoid costly, non-member hourly rates for response to your property.

You can easily establish your Rural Metro Fire service online! Or perhaps it is time to renew your fire service and you need to make an online payment, visit our Renewal section.

*Services involving hazardous material may incur additional charges.

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